Do you remember some of your first social media status updates? Posting phrases such as “At work”, “Tired”, “Having lunch” and the likes? For many of us, these early phrases can now feel cringe-worthy – especially compared to better thought out, meatier content that we post nowadays in our personal capacities.

Since gaining momentum and popularity, especially since the 2000s, our social media platforms have become more socially conscious than ever before – some might even say, more “woke” when it comes to current affairs that impact people across the globe and identifying fake news for what it is.

Social media users are also more careful when it comes to divulging personal information and will think twice about sharing their personal information if there is any risk of data breaches or hacking.

So, what does this evolution in social media behavior mean for business owners and retailers? Here are some considerations for leveraging impact-driven, socially conscious social media content that will allow you to engage with social media followers in a trustworthy way.

Make connections through content shaped around your customers

At its start, engaging in social media was about connection – and this habit is still very much on the same trajectory today. What this means for brands, is that messaging needs to connect with customers through shared values and ideals.

Goals such as Eco-friendly packaging and services, apparel made with no impact on the earth or charitable endeavors that are improving the lives of communities tap into impact-driven content that people identify with. So, highlight these key selling points on your social media channels, bearing the next point in mind.

Show integrity and be authentic

Socially conscious consumers will quickly catch on if businesses are curating “tail wagging the dog” types of social media content. They do want to be sold social media content that is curated without integrity or authenticity, so ensure that your social media messaging is true to your brand and speaks the truth.

Don’t be afraid to weigh in on socially conscious issues

It is no secret that brands need to tread carefully when it comes to addressing current issues in society on social media. Choosing sides for or against or making wide statements could backfire and make a business lose customers.

However, highlighting issues that can help people become more aware of their role in society can have positive results and allow brands to be authentically involved in the world. Issues such as opposing gender-based violence and bullying at schools, fighting for climate change and like are all positive messaging that can build rapport between a brand and its social media followers through shared goals and ideals.

The bottom line? Leverage content that matters!

Each piece of impact-driven content that a business curates needs to have a goal, whether this is adding value, communicating important issues or showing support for worthwhile causes. Always remember: your social media content needs to have an end goal and must not be crafted using messaging at the expense of others.

Actively demonstrate your socially conscious business goals, and customers are sure to show their support for your brand too.

Enjoyed our blog? We will be unpacking more exciting content soon – watch this space for details!

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