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Here is how our agency successfully positioned Black Eagle Tree Services as a key player in their local market.

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Increasing brand share

With the tree care service industry constantly expanding and new players entering the market, staying relevant and noted as a high-value company that can deliver premium results where others cannot, was our client’s main goal.

The Scope of Services:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Curation & Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Audience Research & Analysis
  • Paid Media

Although this highly reputable business has enjoyed its stance as a trusted tree care service provider, they were aware that getting referrals and word of mouth would not keep Black Eagle Tree Services strong in such a competitive market. In addition, their current website, local marketing strategy, and social media initiatives were not bringing in the results they were looking for.


Our Approach

It was clear from the beginning that Black Eagle Tree Services were clearly established as a professional service, and they had shown tangible results for their clients over the past two decades.

As their agency, we knew that marrying these two attributes – professionalism and trust – was the key to unlocking their marketing potential. Our research underpinned this trend of homeowners hiring only trusted and certified professional companies to manage their properties’ outdoor areas.


Our research, based on tree care services for multiple homeowners spanning 3 to 5 years, further revealed another strong factor in the relationship of hiring “trusted”, professional companies: the importance of their trees and how they enhance the living quality of homeowners thanks to the shade that trees provide and how much trees make them connect with nature.


Trees & Trust. Trees & Trust. Trees and Trust.

Trees & Trust. Trees & Trust. Trees and Trust.

We knew that positioning our client’s brand needed that personal touch to truly stand out. Unlike plumbers, painters, and other sub-contractors that come and go, and who 8 out of 10 homeowners verified that they hired in the past based on being licensed and insured to perform the job, lawn and tree care services were a different story.

Those contractors that use heavy-duty equipment to take care of homeowners’ lawns and even more importantly, their beloved trees, must be good, they must be reliable, must believe that safety is a priority, and most importantly, they must generate a sense of trust from a first impression.

After all, cutting down trees are jobs that require certified professionals with years of experience.

Our Key Insight


Inspired by trust and creativity, Brands & Madrid crafted an advertising campaign in the counties of Pinellas and Hillsborough, Florida.

Our message was clear: to promote Black Eagle Tree Services as “the tree care professionals you can trust.”

Traditional print media was used to roll out the message of our campaign, as well as thousands of door hanger flyers in specific geographic areas. During the campaign, email marketing formed a strong focus area that yielded amazing results for our client. In addition, their website was revamped by adding new content and a fresher visual identity.

The results we achieved

Results from the first three months of the campaign made it clear that “trust” drives business growth.

Trees and Trust is fully entrenched as part of the company’s core values as a local service company.

A revamped website with creative content and a new brand identity that appeals to the business core and new clients.

The message was immediately shared through social media channels with great acceptance from their audience.

Total Site Traffic:

9, 750

Total Conversions:




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Campaign Results


Through our Trees and Trust campaign, we were able to reaffirm our client’s reputation as a trusted, professional tree care provider. We are confident that the results accomplished will have a lasting impact on their business as they continue to grow and thrive in an industry that they are passionate about.

Project team

Business Director

Maritza Ramirez

Brand Strategist

Mao Rincon

Marketing Lead

Gurmeet Singh

Art Director

Daisy Rubio

Web Designer

Edgar Martinez


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